Logotypes of Nicomatic and Accurate Nordic
Meeting at the Eurosatory Exhibition where the acquisition was signed
Olivier Nicolin of Nicomatic, with Per Häglund and Peter Åkesson from Accurate at the Eurosatory Exhibition in June, where the acquisition was signed with a spirit of “Let’s go!”

For more than 15 years, Accurate Nordic has developed its partnership with french connector systems manufacturer Nicomatic. The relationship has been formed around great trust and a shared view of markets and customers. Since August 1st, Accurate Nordic has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Nicomatic.

Better Together

“Nicomatic adds resources and international reach, which will further strengthen the ability of Accurate Nordic and Accurate Consulting to serve its customers in the region,” says Peter Åkesson, Chairman of Accurate Consulting and head of Business Development at Accurate.

“We have built a scalable platform, accurate lifecycle, that can support all needs in a company’s development –– both on the product and service side, to power this with Nicomatic strength and network will be exciting!”

Kash Taimoori,
CEO at Accurate Consulting

New Services and Growth

Kash Taimoori, CEO at Accurate Consulting, is excited to step into the Nicomatic group and looks forward to contributing to its overall consulting services within the Nicomatic network and future growth.

Kash Taimoori adds, “Nicomatic will become a strong market platform both in and outside Sweden and an enabler of our consulting and interim services for business, such as development, digitization, and innovation as well as leadership. Here Accurate remains unique by combining products and services.”

Continuity and Change

Accurate Nordics Managing Director Per Häglund stresses continuity when looking ahead: “There will be no changes in the Accurate business model or operations; it’s pretty much business as usual,” to which he adds: “The work to integrate Accurate in the Nicomatic world starts now and we are looking forward to the results of this.”‘

“The Solutions business area as well as Accurates’ network of partners, besides Nicomatic, form an integral part of what Accurate brings to the market and are as such vital features of the continued development of Accurate, to which Nicomatic is very much committed”, Olivier Nicolin, CEO of Nicomatic, concludes.

Thank you!

20 years ago, Peter and Per founded and have all the way nurtured Accurate to what it is today: “We are now opening the next chapter and would like to express our gratitude to customers and business partners who throughout the years have given us their trust. We look forward to talking to them about their thoughts and expectations about this new situation and welcome all to join the journey.”

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